Apple – Rumored New iPhone Release

 There is a rumor circulating around that Apple will be hosting a special event on the date of September 12th, 2012. That is practically a year since the last iPhone released. Most people are probably anxious to upgrade their iPhone being that they had the same iPhone 4 (with improvements in the iPhone 4s) for over 2 years now.People are looking for something new and innovative. The timing is right and we are all expecting Apple to release its latest product this year. Earlier in June this year, Apple announced iOS 6 for developers. It features an upgraded Siri, Apple’s own maps application(instead of Google maps), passbook, and NFC features as well. With a new iOS comes a new iDevice. The Apple website says that iOS 6 will be coming this fall, hence September 12th.Although iOS 6 will be available on most previous iDevices there is usually a device that is announced to launch with the software. That device usually has some features you cant get by simply upgrading your device. That is why i would be normal for Apple to release a refresh of the their iOS devices around that time. Last year everyone was expecting a revolutionary iPhone 5, however they only got a refined iPhone 4s which is only a minor upgrade.The iPhone 4s cant compete with the latest and greatest flagship android phones like the the Samsung Galaxy S III, The HTC One X, or even last years Samsung Galaxy Nexus (due to its Android 4.1 upgrade). Its time for Apple to deliver a stellar device and this fall I hope they wont disappoint.

What will the next iPhone look like?



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