RIM – BlackBerry 10

RIM has been a  popular contender in the smartphone industry for years now with their BlackBerry smartphones. Recently they haven’t been very successful   due to more modern and user friendly Operating Systems like Google Android and Apple iOS. RIM makes excellent products, its just that they need to advance their technology to our current standards. Touch screens are almost mandatory for people looking for a phone today. RIM did incorporate touchscreen on newer BlackBerry smartphones, however there is a factor seperating the Blackberry from Android, and iOS phones. Android and iOS are very similar in the user interface, however Blackberry OS will need some getting used to.

Blackberry 7 was basically a revision of Blackberry 6. It improved on a few features and released on devices using modern hardware. The web browser in Blackberry 7 is on par if not better than the iOS Safari, or the Android Browser (Google Chrome). Blackberry OS 7 has a very professional theme to it that might scare away iPhone users, although the professional feel might draw people in.


RIM has been working on Blackberry OS 10 for quite some time now. Practice makes perfect and they’re one of the earliest mobile phone makers. RIM is really perfecting Blackberry OS 10 so that it can compete against Google’s latest android, and Apple’s iOS 6. Right now RIM has a Blackberry 10 developer Alpha which is a developer blackberry prototype used to develop applications for the new OS. Blackberry 10 will have a multitasking user interface so that your applications will flow seemlessly without having to exit and then open another app. Its also going to incorporate a smarter keyboard which will predict what your next words will be and give you the option to include them. On the Developer Apha of Blackberry OS 10 there is a voice assistant software similar to iOS’s Siri.

RIM doesnt take shame in getting inspiration from other companies. Many people critque Samsung for getting inspired by Apple’s iOS and designs, however almost every device is an improvement on another technology.  The new Blackberry 10 Os will look like a combination of iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. Each OS has a few benifits that when combined will produce a very interesting  user experience. It will be worth looking into how this will turn out.

RIM recently announced that there will be high quality displays on all of their Blackberry 10 devices. The full touch screen devices will have resolutions of 1280×768, and the qwerty devices will have resolutions of atleast 720 x 720.

RIM is giving Blackberry OS all the’ve got, instead of releasing minor upgrades and waiting for you to purchase the next device. Blackberry OS 10 will be different from the past versions, however it will bring out the best of Blackberry and its services. If they are sucessful in making a great OS and overall product they will surelly be back in the game, no questions asked. Myself and many others are looking forward to what RI has to offer. Blackberry 10 will be available sometime in the first quarter of 2013 as Blackberry 10’s 1st device.



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