RIM – Blackberry Makes Great Phones


So you thought Blackeberrys were a thing of the past. Then you are mistaken, RIM has released a few new devices to compete, until they debute their Blackberry OS 10. Until then RIM has a great line up of devices to keep us busy. The Blackberry Torch 9800 series and the Bold 9900 series are not to be reckoned with. Meanwhile for those who are on a budget, or really could care less about a touchscreen, there are the Blackberry Curve, and Style.

The Blackberry Torch features either a touchscreen display with a slide out Blackberry keyboard or a full touchscreen with the onscreen keyboard, and a stylish design. The Blackberry Bold is a very sleek and stylish device, but at the same time proffesional. The Bold features a 2.8 inch touch screen with a large and spacious qwerty keyboard, however it has a very beautiful design and is made of high quality materials.

When looking for a new smartphone consumers usually want to experiment and try something new. People tired of the same iOS or the generic android that every one seems to have will find that they have two options. They could try out Windows Phone which is designed for very socially active people who want a simple but stylish device. However there comes a time when you mean business and wont be interested in simple, or generic user interfaces.

Although there are Android smartphones that try to emulate Blackberry keyboards, they still, have to compromise with the screens size. Android wasnt made to run on a small screen. Also if a phone is very imortant to you will experience that Android (2.3 or lower) can sometimes lag and crash. Apple iOS can stutter and flutter sometimes as well. When you phone is important to you, seeing that or even getting a force close will irritate you.


Blackberry OS was origionally designed to run on small Blackberry screens however, as technology advanced they made it work on touchscreens flawlesy. Blackberry OS will be your choice if you communication as your phones main purpose, because most phone makers today focus on improving games and apps for their devices. They should do what RIM is doing by remembering the purpose of a smartphone which is to communicate and stay connected with people, and then games, music, and and apps come in. Rim brings every social notification to your attention as soon as you turn on the screen.


Even though iOS and Android are good operating systems, they belittle the phone, and texting features, while Blackberry improves on them and makes that the main feature as it is the reason you have a phone. If you really love messaging and socia, networking any smartphone today would do the trick. Just take into consideration that Blackberry is business oriented. Blackberry has exellent communication features and now they are about to get in on the gaming and playing realm of smartphones. Android and iOS have started out with gaming and playing as their main features and now they are trying to improve their social communications. Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry OS, are all good in their own right. However people should consider Blackberry as a option when they look for a smartphone. Especially with Blackberry 10’s release around the corner, RIM will give Apple, Microsoft, and Google a run for their money.



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