Discussion: Apple Takeover – iOS 6

Apple’s iOS has been around for about 5 years and it hasnt changed that much at all. This can be either good or bad for a phone smartphone manufacturer because the consumer craves the latest technology. Ever since the first iPhone released in 2007 it was very favorable amoing the public. Every iPhone has dominated the smartphone market for an.unknown reason.

Is it because iOS is really the best mobile OS or is it just because people love Apple. While other mobile software companies were completely changing their user interfaces around, Apple has kept theirs the same while only adding features.However with companies like Google and Microsoft delivering innovation in beautiful ways, Apple has lost some of its dominance in the smartphone industry. With Android, and Windows Phone evolving every year, Apple has no choice but to compete or else theyllbstart to shrink and shrink until only their Apple fanboys will support them.

Apple bought some time by acusing Samsung of incorperating elements of iOS in their Touchwiz ui. They’ve used Touchwiz ui on all of their smartphones, exept for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is a.pure Google phone. Touchwiz is a very innovative and clever skin for Android devices. People love it because the Vibrant colors really pop out on their AMOLED screens. However Samasung did get inspired by iOS when designing the app drawer for Touchwiz, they made it look very simillar to the iOS homescreen. This was rectified with the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Samsung Galaxy Note II. However Samsung is supposed to pay $1.05 billion to apple for stealing their design and they want to ban about 13 Samsung devices in the US.

The iPhone 4s couldnt even touch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus let alone the Galaxy S III or Note II. I think Apple is trying to eliminate the threat they saw as Samsung. Now that Apple has to compete against very innovative companies they are going to release their own upgrade, iOS 6. From what I’ve seen so far its basically iOS 5 with some Android inspired features. Basically Apple is replacing Google so it can be independant from their competitors.
imageThey are making their own Google Maps inspired software. Compared to Google Maps it looks kind of childish and not very detailed. Also the sky view feature is just like Google Maps except its more like one large image, instead of pieces of pictures being attached to each other in Google Maps. This might be good for people who dont want fine details, however some towers in their sky view look computer generated and fake. Thats just my opinion.

Siri has been here for a.while now, however after looking over what iOS 6 is about I’ve notices that Apple is trying to make their own Google services, they are even droping the Youtube app. This is a good business move, however if they do this wrong, Google Android might get some dissapointed iPhone users to switch to Android. However when iOS 6 does come the Apple fanboys will make Apple seem like the most innovative company in the world.

iOS 6 will come with a new feature called Passbook which would make more since if the next iPhone came with NFC. These features would put the next iPhone in the same catagory as the Samsung Galaxy S III. iOS 6 isnt about Apple revolutionizing the smartphone, tablet world. Its about Apple trying to become independant so it can take down the competition (Google, Samsung, etc) without hurting their own products.

iOS 6 has potential however it seems to similar to iOS 5. Apple is going to be competing with the Samsung and Nokia brew of Windows Phone 8 devices and Windows 8 devices, the anticipated Blackberry 10 devices, and who knows what Google’s got up its sleve.



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