The New Apple iPad 2012


   The new Apple iPad was announced on May 7th 2012, and became available for purchase shortly after. The new iPad 2012 has an ironic name because there really isnt anything completely new about it. Sure, it has the new “retina” display, and quad core quality graphics, but there still isnt anything new about it. Apple could have saved the name “the new iPad” for a device that revolutionalizes the tablet world, and called this remake the ipad 2s or etc. Its more of a revision of the iPad 2 that brings a better 5MP camera, a really sharp and clear retina display, a faster proccesor, and now its available with a 4G radio capable of 4G lte.

   These minor improvements will make you wonder if its really worth uprading or buying.For core Apple fans they will want none other than the latest and greatest from apple, but some people dont believe in shelling out money for a few minor improvements. The iPad 2 is still one of the best tablets on the market today, and now that the price is cut its even more appealing. The main selling point of the new iPad is its 2048 x 1536 “retina” display. Retina displays are just high resolution ips displays that Apple has branded retina for marketing purposes, almost similar to Samsungs marketing of Super AMOLED displays.


  If you have an iPad 2 you will be fine with its 1024 x 768 ips display. You wont even notice the difference in quality until you hold the iPad 2 next to the new iPad 2012. Thats why an upgrade isnt nessesary. If you are planning on getting an iPad the new Ipad 2012 will be the best choice because Apple holds back features from porting to older deviced. The new iPad has Siri, the voice assistant already installed, when the ipad 2 has to wait until iOS 6 releases to get Siri.


  The improvements on the new iPad 2012 gives the user a more luxorious iPad experience. Most of the apps have been refined to display sharply on the new retina display. The cameras are better along with the CPU and GPU. However these improvements come with some compromises. The iPad 2 is one of the thinnest tablets, however the new iPad 2012 is bulkier thanks to the larger battery needed to power the quad core like dual core processor, 4G lte radio and the high resolution retina display.

  Also the battery life is also less durable because of the same reason. These bonus features require alot of power and the battery life is suffering because of it. Now this puts the iPad 2 above the new iPad 2012 for some people. The thin design and the long battery life on the iPad 2 may be more important than a crystal clear screen, quad core like processor, and higher resolution camera in the new iPad 2012.

   The iPad 2 is still one of the bets tablets you can get right now, although having the latest and greatest might be best for most people. There is only a $100 proce difference between the two, therefore you should decide which model is right for you. The iPad 2 will become outdated with the next iPad release however, you should keep in mind some of the trade offs you will have to under go if you go for the new iPad 2012.


   These are the top of the line tablets of 2012 and they can be pricey, so choose wisely. The New ipad 2012 may have dissapointed some people however it may have given some the features they look for in a tablet. The screen on the new iPad 2012 is a must see even if you are going to stick with the iPad 2. The new iPad 2012 may as well be a sibling to the ipad 2 and not its succesor because they might not outperform each other when iOS 6 hits this fall.


The new iPad 2012 is still a good tablet starting at the familiar price point of $499.



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