Stop Hating Samsung!


Samsung is one of the top electronic manufacturers, and they have decided to make their presence known in the tablet world. Ever since they’ve challenged the Apple iPad by releasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung has been given harsh ridicule from Apple suppoerters (fanboys). Obsurd accusations that suggested that Samsung tried to copy the Apple iOS sporting 9.7 inch tablet. Things have only gotten worse for Samsung with the release of their 10.1 inch model, the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Samsung is one of the most innovative companies, its just the lack of aggressive (fanboys) supporters to back up their hard work. Even though the Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones and tablets are  simmilar to Apple’s idevices, they are nothing alike. The shapes are different proportions and samsungs products are bigger in size. The app drawer on older Samsung Touchwiz devices did favor the iOS homescreen, however thats the only resemblence. The origional Android app drawer looked outdated and Samsung’s Touchwiz updated it, even the new versions of stock Android (3.0, 4.0, and 4.1) have a similar app drawerin which Samsung started.

After Apple and Samsung going to court on and off, Samsung has had enough. Their Samsung Galaxy S II series was very innovative and they still recieved ridicule from Apple supporters. When Samsung collaborated with Google on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, they got to see the possibilities of Android 4.0 and what they could accomplish. They’ve had plans to release their revolutionary Galaxy Note smartphone and consumers fell in love with the product, however it still had Android 2.3 with the accused Touchwiz ui.

Samsung knew what they were doing by giving users a taste of large smartphones and weaning them off of small 3.5 inch screens. The Samsung Galaxy S II and the Samsung Galaxy Note sold well. In 2012, Samsung released the very anticipated Galaxy S III which showed true innovation, and not just added software tweaks like in iDevices. Its still doing very well with consumers and most would say its a far superior device than the iPhone. Samsung wasnt finished yet, they wouldnt leave their noted fans in the cold. They decided to release a Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet that is a game changer for tablets. It would be a dissaster for anyone to compare it to the Apple iPad. At Samsung’s Unpacked event they announce the Samsung Galaxy Note II with an even larger 5.5 inch screen and Android 4.1.

Samsungs products have been evolving and getting better with each year. Samsung also gives consumers options to find the model that fits their needs, and not just one phone/tablet fits all. Samsung isnt some copycat company that people claim they are. No Apple wasnt the first smartphone maker and Apple (fanboys) supporters overreact when they see a company release a better smartphone/tablet than what Apple has to offer.

This is only the begining for Samsung because they also showed off their line of ATIV smartphones and Tablet/notebook hybrids that run Microsofts anticipated Windows RT, windows 8 pro, and Windows Phone 8. Samsung is even going to produce a Blackberry 10 smartphone because there is a Samsung Blackberry 10 dev phone. Dont hate Samsung because they make innovative products that arent made by a company named by a fruit. Apple sees Samsung as a threat even though they produce most of Apple’s components. Apple is now just going to claim Samsung infringed on their pattents so they can get large payoffs, and they will want to ban the products they see as threats.

Samsung has a very needed presence in electronic industry and they have done some really inmovative and creative things to make technology beautiful and make our lives easier. Also dont forget that Apple’s iDevices are partially make by Samsung and if it wasnt for samsungs innovation some of the features and capabilaties probably wouldntn be possible. Samsung has been involved in almost every aspect of ecletronics, and they deserve credit for what they have done.

You cant compare the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, or the Samsung Galaxy Note II to the Apple iPhone 4s, new Apple ipad 2012, or the new iPhone 5 when it releases. Samsungs products have evolved to the point where if they copied Apple they would be downgrading their products. While Apple supporters were accusing Apple of copying, Samsung was improving and evolving their products, so when Apple finnaly releases its refresh of iDevices they wont even be comparaable. Apples iOS 6 looks like iOS 5 with only minor improvements and added features, meanwhile Samsung is about to upgrade its Galaxy Note II, Note 10.1, and Galaxy S III to Android 4.1. They might even upgrade Touchwiz to incorperate even more features.

Technology advances all of time, and samsung is part of the evolution. Samsung shares their technology so we all can benifit from their innovations. They even share their Super AMOLED displays, meanwhile Apple wants to be the only player in the ball park, which isnt good for technology. You cant get angry and hate a company because their products are better and more up to date than the company you stand by. You should instead encourage the company you stand by (Apple) to step it up and compete to show that they are really better. Stop hating Samsung.
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