Sony Playstation Vita


The PS Vita was origionally announced on january 27th 2011 as the Playstation NGP. The Next Generation Portable was a codename for the PS Vita, which gained popularity and praise for its innovative input methods. It is the first Playstation console to feature a touch screen. It is also the first mobile device to feature dual analog sticks. Sony announced the NGP would be named the PS Vita at E3 2011, and later announced that japan would get the PS Vita December 17th, 2011, meanwhile the U.S would have to wait until Feburary 22nd for availability.

The specifications on the NGP were top of ths line. One of the earliest adapters of the quad core processor, it featured an Arm Cortex A9 MP CPU, and a quad core GPU. The touchscreen has been on previous gaming systems before, althouch the combinaton of the rear touchpad opens up a new category in gaming. Speaking of the screen, its a 5 inch OLED screen at a resolution of 960 x 544. Then screen is one of the best in the portable gaming market.


The PS Vita runs a new touch OS called Live Area. It has the user freindly that you will get from iOS, while having the personalization of Android. The UI allows the user to customize the wallpapers on the homescreen, and lockscreens. You are also allowed to rearange the icons and move them to different panels. This UI allows you to add honescreen panels which you slide up or down to navigate. If you swipe to the right you will be greeted by the live areas of youe,r open applications.


The UI allows you to get to your apps easily and quickly. There are also social features bundled in the system. You can add Playstation Freiends to chat, video chat, and message them. Live area also keeps you updated on what your freinds are playing. Lets say you bought Uncharted: Golden Abyss, when you open the game you will see the Live aeea screen. The live area screen will show notifications of your friends progress in the game.

Sony has added an application called near which uses a map like onterface to show what people around you are playing. It also allows users to set up checkpoints around town. If you got to the checkpoint with your Vita you will recieve a gift. This might seem creepy to some people, however there hasnt been any reported misuses of the Near applicayion.


The PS Vita is the first Gaming Console to offer 3G connectivity. Being exclusive to At&t you will be on the At&t prepaid data plans. The 3G and wifi model comes with a Gps and the Near application. You wont be able to download games on At&t 3G, although if you could it would take a long time. The PS Vita is available in two varieties, the Wifi only model, and the 3G and wifi model. Sony has released bundle packs that include a game, memory card, and PS Vita sytem. There is currently a white model thatcomes in the PS Vita Assassins Creed limited edition bundle. The PS Vita is available almost every retail store that sells electronics. The wifi only model is $250 and comes with a memory card, and the 3G model is $300 and also comes with a memory card. When you activate your PS Vita 3G model you will recieve the Super Stardust Plus as a downloadable game.


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