Windows Phone 8 – Are You Ready?


In a crowded smarphone market, Apple dominates with revisions of the same iPhone that warms the hearts of todays consumers. Google’s Android has many smartphones and while developers love it for the open source and for the ability to customize and load whatever you want on it, Apple’s consumers dread Android.

There is a battle going on between Apple , and Goolgle along with its team of Android Manufacturers. Apple recently won their lawsuit against Samsung in the U.S in which Samsung might have to pay Apple 1.05 billion. Now they are in court again and Apple wants to blacklist almost all of Samsungs devices.

Samsungs products look nothing like Apple’s and they are easily distinguishable. Many Android Manufacturers have worked very hard on their devices and soon Apple will come after them all. Samsung is just the beginning, they worked so hard to give us their innovative Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Note II, and Galaxy S III and now Apple has added those new devices to their blacklist that will be setled in early december. Thats foul play because anyone who sees or has used a recent Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet would tell you that Apple’s devices cant compare.

All of the current Android manufacturers work will not just dissapear and let Apple win. There is hope in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. The reason most of the Android Manufacturers like Samsung are in hot water is because they are allowed to add custom skins on it (early touchwiz got samsung into trouble).  With Windows phone the only thing the manufacturer is in controll of is the hardware, and preloaded apps if any.

Windows phone 7 and 7.5 Mango phones have proven that a Ui can be very simple and productive at the same time. There were only less than a dozen Windows Phone 7 – 7.5 Mango devices available. Now that Microsoft is ready for their big release of Windows Phone 8 Apollo, there are more OEM’s (Manufacturers) and developers on board. Windows Phone 8 will give users the beautifully designed Windows Tiles that they love, while adding the personalization that you might have loved in android.

In windows Phone 8 the tiles are now able to shrink to icon size. Now instead having the half tile icon and the full tile icon, you can have smaller icon sized tiles that are similar to what you will see on iOS and Android. More features have yet to be announced. When Windows Phone 8 does release it will sure come with an ample of new features.

The previous Windows Phone Manufacturers like Htc, Samzung, and Nokia are  more than likely to refresh their line up of Windows Phone devices. In fact Samsung announced their ATIV line of Smartphone and Tablets that are powered by Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Nokia is expected to refresh its Lumia series of smartphones, and their announcememt might be on September 5th, 2012 when Microsoft and Nokia are hosting an Windows Phone event. Recenyly photos of two alledged Lumia models leaked to the internet of the Lumia 820, and Lumia 920.

Htc, and many other manufacturers are expected to release new Windows Phone 8 devices in the future especially due to the new functionalities. Windows Phone 8 removes the previous limitations found in Windows Phone 7 – 7.5. Now OEMs can add mutiple core processors, and higher resolution screens. Windows Phone 8 will be a fall back for Android OEM’s when Apple comes after the whole Android empire with lawsuits. Samsung might even release Windows Phone versions of its Galaxy Note series. Windows Phone is nothing like Apple’s iOS and it will be safe from Apple’s lawsuit rampage. Its going to be interesting to see what Microsoft and the other manufacturs who are fighting for their lives will create next.p



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