Samsung Galaxy S III


When the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone released in April, 2011 it was well recieved around the world. It sold Millions of units internationally, however that did not make everyone a happy camper. Apple pulled Samsung into court due to Samsung infringing on pattents that shouldnt have been awarded to Apple to begin with. Samsung has a new take on their aproach in the smartphone and tablet world. They released the Samsung Galaxy S III in July, 2012.


Later on they released the Galaxy Note 10.1 and announced there would be a Samsung Galaxy Note II and a new Windows Phone series of smartphones starting with the ATIV S. When the Samsung got riddiculed for their touchwiz app drawer being similar to the iOS homescreen Samsung went back to the drawing board. The new Samsung Galaxy S III, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and the Samsung Galaxy Note II are completely different than the iPhone. Although, Apple is still trying to put a ban on these devices, that will not be decided until early December, 2012. The Samsung Galaxy S III released internationally with a 1.4 GHz quad core Exynos Processor which raised the hopes of many smartphone enthusiest.

However, like the Htc One series, it released in the U.S with a Snapdragon dual core processor instead. Samsung made up for that by upgrading the Ram to 2GB. The Samsung Galaxy S III released on All major U.S cellular networks. All U,S models are the same except for the radia freaquencies they use. At&t and T-mobile have identicle hspa+ models, and Sprint, Verizon, and U.S cellular have cdma models. The 8MP camera is amazing and some might say its comparable if not better than the iPhones camera.


The Samsung Galaxy S III features a 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED pentile display. This phone also comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich along with Samsungs updated Touchwiz Nature UI. The new user interface should keep these devices safe from Apple’s rampage, although we will have to wait and see. You should also note that the Galaxy S III comes with a few Touchwiz apps installed  that may be of use to you. S-Voice is a Siri competitor that gets the job done however it might not be as polished as Siri or Google Now for some people.


The Samsung Galaxy S III may look like a large smartphone at first, but if you compare it with the Galaxy Note or Note II, you will find it managable. The large HD display makes this phone a great entertainment device. Going for the same price as its chief competitor, the iPhone 4s for $199 (on contract) or less depending on the carrier you choose. The Samsung is a unique and respectable smartphone and its available on all major U.S carriers.



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