Boost Mobile – Zte Warp

ImageThe Zte Warp released for Boost Mobile on November 11th, 2011. It sold for $199 without a contract on Boost Mobiles prepaid Android plan. The   phone has a 4.3 inch TFT display with a pixel density of 217. The screen is decent, but not the best out there. This phone runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread very well. The 1GHz snapdragon CPU does a good job when it comes to apps, and games.

Although the large screen size may be one of the best selling points of this phone, the warp has more to offer. It has a light sensor above the screen that controls the lighting of the soft keys. There is also a notification light next to the light sensor. For someone who wants something close to an HTC Evo this phone can be a budget freindly alternative.There is a 5MP camera with auto focus, and flash. The camera isnt anything special but it gets the job done. Android 2.3 is outdated considering the fact many companies are now updating their devices to Android 4.1. This is when having an Android device useful. You can either download and flash a custom Rom. This method basically updates the warp to unofficial versions of Android or installs different skins, and modifications(This method requires time and attention).The easier alternative only requires you to download launchers, and other apps from the Google Play store that gives the user control over personalization. Apps like Nova launcher, Espier launcher, and Go launcher EX are free launcher that can make your phone look like the new Samasung Galaxy S III or the iPhone 5. This phone was given a pricedrop to the newer model dubbed the Zte warp Sequent. The origional Zte Warp is still available for $129, and recently its been going on sale for $99. Even though the Zte Warp came out in late 2011, it still offers a contract free smartphone experience on a budget.



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