Apple iPhone 5 – The wait is finally over

Its finally here. The long awaited iPhone 5 has finally became available for purchase as of  September 21st 2012. When it was announced September 12th, it excited many because people would get what  Apple’s critics have been raving about for years. A bigger screen. Apple then announced further detailing about the the new display.

The iphone 5 does infact have a 4 inch screen, however it may not appear to be the same size as an average 4 inch display. Apple decided to make the screen with a 16:9 widescreen ratio at 4 inches. This  means that the screen will keep the same width but get taller. The resolution of the panel is 1136 x 640 to give it the same 326 ppi as the 4s. The screen alone might convince previous iPhone users to upgrade.

The new iPhone 5’s screen isn’t the only thing  Apple is boasting about. The iPhone 5 is actually thinner by 1.7 mm. It also weighs 28 grams lighter. With the iphone slimming down and increasing in screen size, there is more going on under the hood. You will notice the new Apple A6 proccesor at work from the moment you turn the phone on. The A6 in the iPhone 5 is dual core and it is clocked at 1.3 Ghz.

Some reviews of the iPhone 5 have angered many Android users, Galaxy S III users to be exact. When the iPhone 5 is compared to the American variants of the Galaxy S III it is a little faster when launching apps and running benchmarks. The Galaxy S III may be up to par with the iPhone 5 because with Android you have your apps running in the background and using the Cpu, with iOS your apps are simply paused or even closed. In the U.S the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5 might even be equals. Depending on the individual phones the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S III will be faster because they are suppose to do different things.

The iPhone 5 has a similar 8MP camera to what you may find on the iPhone 4s. iOS 6 offers more functionality with the camera than an iPhone 4s out of the box. Front facing cameras aren’t yet widely used to the point where you need to have high quality imagery. However, Apple like many other manufacturers chose to increase the front facing camera resolution to 1.2MP which is an upgrade from the previous VGA instalment.

The new iPhone 5 has iOS 6 already installed out of the box. However, it can be installed on any iPhone as old as the 3Gs, and as old as the iPad 2. Check out the TyLoop iOS 6 review for more information.

Apple also unveiled their new Ear Pods, and the new lightning connector in conjunction with the iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5g announcement. The Apple Ear Pods basically offer more comfort for your ear while offering good sound quality. The new Lightening connector replaces the 30-pin connector to improve charging speed and portability. The lightning connector is also reversible which comes in handy when using smaller cables.

The battery life is improved slightly when coming from the iPhone 4. Although due to the “bigger” screen, 4G lte, and smaller design, you have to give Apple credit for not having to make the make room for a larger battery. In the end, “the iPhone 5 is in fact the best iPhone yet”. It just comes down to whether or not you like iOS and Apple enough to avoid the competition (Android, WP8). Also, if you still have a iPhone 4/4s you might not find a slightly larger screen much of an upgrade. Although, if you have been sticking with the iPhone 3Gs or an earlier device you may find it a reasonable upgrade over the 4 or 4s was. The iphone 5 stays true to Apples iPhone legacy by releasing for the always reasonable price of 199$ for the 16GB model. The two colors it comes in are white with silver, and black with slate.



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