Lg Venice – Prepaid Luxury

Looking for a smartphone on a budget can be difficult. You want to make you get the best for your money. Prepaid Androids have become popular because Android is customizable and can run on lower end specifications. Boost Mobile is cellular network that runs on Sprint. They recently snagged up a gem in the smartphones department. The LG Venice formerly known as the LG Optimus L7 became available on Boost Mobile on October 10th 2012. 

The Lg Optimus L7 (Venice) isn’t the best device in the L series of smartphones but it has a lot to offer. For only $220 you get a thin, light, and beautiful smartphone. With the 4.3 inch  WVGA screen at a resolution of 480 X 800 it isn’t the best screen out there. However, the screen isn’t branded Nova for advertising. Due to the Floating Mass technology, the screen is bright and  clear.

The  design that is similar to the Lg Intuition, however it looks more like a smartphone. The sharp corners and the metallic borders make the device look premium. Although it looks like a flagship device its internals aren’t as luxurious. The single core 1Ghz proccesor is almost unacceptable in late 2012 when companies like Samsung are releasing  phones(Galaxy Note II) with 1.6Ghz Quad core processors. The 1Ghz single core processor is helpful because the Venice has a  1700 mAh battery. The battery life wont be impacted the way flagship dual/quad core phone will when running tasks.

The Venice has Android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich) and LG’s new UI 3.0. This is the icing on the cake for people who want a more modern device. Lg’s UI 3.0 brings personalization options and fluidity similar to Samsung’s Touchwiz Nature ui but with more options. You can change any icon simply by long pressing it until a purple notification appears in the top right   of the icon. It runs so smoothly that you would even know that its running on a single core 1Ghz processor.

To make the phone even more modern it comes with a front facing camera and NFC support. Those are huge advantages for the Venice that make a huge difference. The Venice is capable of Android Beam which allows you to transfer with only a touch of two NFC devices. There are even flagship handsets that don’t have NFC support and they cost twice the price of the venice. There is also a 5MP camera that stands out on the back of the phone.To sum it all up, The LG Venice (Optimus L7) is a top notch device that has a lower end screen and processor. LG has made tweaks and optimizations that make the screen and processor tolerable. If you are on a budget and want a solid, modern, and sophisticated phone then the ?Venice is for you. I wouldn’t even worry about the 1Ghz single core  processor because there isn’t much you can do on a smartphone yet that will utilize 4 cores. Also a single core iPhone 3Gs is still faster and smoother than some dual core smartphones out today. Its all about the software and how it utilizes the power its given. Lg has focused on the design and the software of  the Lg Venice to make it up to standard and modern. Don’t discount the Venice because of the processors clock speed.

The Lg Venice is one of the best budget smartphones you can get. Its beautiful, modern, fast, sleek, and stylish. If you compare the phone side by side with another expensive Android phone you wouldn’t think the Venice is lower end at all. For only $220 off contract with boost mobile the Venice is a luxurious smartphone and a great value.



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