Apple iPad Mini – A More Portable iPad

As expected, Apple has finally released their miniature iPad. Its almost impossible to not have heard of the Apple iPad. The reason for this is because Apple has a solid fan base who would buy any product they put out, and many people who used the iPad compared it to and earlier build of Google Android on tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and think the iPad is faster and more reliable. That was the case back in 2010, however with android 4.1 Jellybean and the success of 7 inch tablets like the Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, and Google’s own Nexus 7, Apple has an open opportunity.

There are some people that you cant convince to try Apple alternatives and Apple knows it. Many people have desired to have the popular Apple iPad  in a smaller, more portable size. Apple has granted their wish with the iPad Mini. Everything you loved about the New Apple iPad (2012)  you’ll love in the iPad mini. Games, Movies, Books, Apps, and all the other necessities are available. Apple has made it so that all apps currently available on the larger iPad are able to work on the iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini is basically the New iPad (2012) with a smaller, sleeker design, and some iPhone 5 inspired features. The TyLoop New iPad (2012) Review essentially sums up the iPad Mini’s features so you can head on over and check that out. Because of the New iPad (2012)’s rich feature set it is widely accepted as the best tablet available (That may not be true today and it definitely will change in the upcoming months) however, due to the iPad’s large 9.7 inch square esc design it is not very portable.

The reasons why the Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, and Nexus 7 succeeded are the size and form factor, portability  the ecosystem, and the branding. Apple already has a robust ecosystem, brand, and their iPad has a large feature set. It only makes sense that they make a more portable tablet that can reach people who dont want a large tablet or want to pay $500 to get one either.

The iPad Mini starts at about $330 which is reasonable for an Apple product with the iPad branding. However this puts not only Apple but the consumer in a tough situation when deciding either to get the 5th generation iPod touch or the iPad mini. Even with the “mini” hence iPad Mini the tablet still isn’t pocketable or let alone as portable as the iPod touch. Some have referred to this pricing as cannibalism which might result in a discontinuation, or a price drop for the new iPod Touch 5G.

The iPad Mini does infact emphasize the name iPad Mini. Its almost the same down to the internals. Although you should know that the iPad Mini introduces some new iPhone 5 inspired features to iPad. The colors are almost matching the iPhone 5’s. It is available in two colors, black with slate, and white with silver. The iPad Mini also incorporates the new lightning connector, iOS 6,  4G capabilities, and even smart covers.

For about $330 you get the speedy Apple A5 processor, The 5 mp camera on the rear, the HD front facing camera, optional 4G lte, and a robust 7.9 inch (1024 x 768) high quality display. However, in late 2012 there are many cheaper alternatives to the ipad mini which might benefit you more. If you loved the iPad you will love the iPad mini no question about it, although you might get tired of the iOS 6 experience and should consider Android Jelly Bean  or Windows 8/RT. The iPad Mini will also put you in a difficult predicament where you might choose it over the new 5th generation iPod Touch so choose carefully  and decide whether or not you really want to pay over $300 for a tablet considering the competition. For most people the iPad mini is a dream come true and a value at the same time.



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